What is a career?  


Your career is the path you take in your working and professional life. It can include both learning and work. You may have many different jobs in your career. With each job you may build up new skills, knowledge and experience for your future jobs.


A job is employment in a particular role for which you receive payment; this can be full or part time. It can be a part of your career and can be in your occupation. A job may not be in your chosen occupation or might be just a stop gap to earn some money whilst you are looking for a more suitable job.


Your occupation is the area of work you work in, this might be a variety of different jobs which need the same skills and knowledge. Here are some examples:

Occupation: Midwifery
Healthcare Assistant (Maternity)
Maternity support worker
Community midwife
Head of midwifery
Consultant midwife
Occupation: Dentistry
Dental Nurse
Student dental technician
Dental Technician
Dental Technologist
Dental hygienist
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Posted 27th June 2016
By Liam

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