Choices at 13+ & 16+  

Choices at 13+ & 16+ Guide

This ‘Planning Your Future Guide’ is for students in mainstream education and will provide you with brief information on the qualifications & learning routes available for young people at two key transition points:

Choices at 13+

this section provides the contact details and profile information on all mainstream schools in County Durham.

Choices at 16+

this section has information on sixth forms, colleges and work based learning in Durham and surrounding local authorities based on travel to learn areas.

If you attend a special school you may find the information useful but an adviser from the Local Authority will support you to look at your options.

For more information on schools, sixth forms, colleges and training providers you can visit our where to learn locally section which provides more detailed information on what they provide, links to websites and contact information, click here to visit our where to learn locally page.

We would appreciate any feedback on the 2017 Choices guide, if you please take a moment to provide your comments by clicking here.

Download PDF Version here.

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Posted 9th July 2018
By Liam