Send Caseworkers (Preparation for Adulthood)  

A SEND Caseworker (Preparation for Adulthood) works with young people who attend special school or who have special educational needs or disabilities and attend mainstream school. They work with young people who have special needs which are supported by a Statement of SEN or Education Health and Care Plan.

If you have special needs or disabilities, you will be allocated a SEND Caseworker by the Local Authority to help you prepare for the transition at the end of statutory education. They do this by developing an Education, Health and Care Plan to set out the sort of support that they will need to be successful at the next stage in their learning.

They are qualified guidance professionals who can help you to identify your skills and make realistic plans for your future. They should be impartial looking at all options that are available for you and helping you to choose the one that would suit you.

  • They may:
    • Interview you one-to-one or with you parents.
    • Help you look at possible careers, education, training qualifications, etc.
    • Help you complete ‘My Story’ which sets out your views.
    • Talk to learning providers about what they offer and tailor it to your needs.
    • Consider other things that you might need help with such as transport or equipment.

A SEND caseworker may start to work with you in year 9, but most of the planning they will do with you will happen in year 11 or beyond.

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Posted 23rd June 2016
By Liam

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