Transition Advisers and Progression Workers work in ‘DurhamWorks’ with young people aged 15-25 who live in County Durham. DurhamWorks is a countywide project to help young people get into education, training or work. Advisers and workers for young people aged 15-19 are located in one of the ten One Point service hubs, but also have the flexibility to see you in your local area.

You can to be referred to an adviser/worker in DurhamWorks if you have left secondary school are not involved in any employment, education or training. They provide wraparound support which can continue whilst you are looking for opportunities, doing personal development activities to develop your knowledge and skills; right up to the point where you settled in a full time course or job and no longer need it – this is called your ‘learner journey’.

Transition Advisers work with young people who need quite a lot of help on their learner journey and Progression Advisers work with those who need less. There are specialists who can work with young people in care or who have special educational needs.

  • When you work with you the Transition or Progression Adviser they may:
    • Talk to you about your career ideas and plans and anything that you thing might make achieving these harder
    • refer you to (or take you to visit) learning providers who have opportunities that might suit you.
    • help with practical things that you might need such as: opening a bank account, helping you get confident with public transport, etc.
    • support you whilst you are on a learning programme or training to help you plan for what you will do next.

Visit the DurhamWorks website at DurhamWorks.info
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Posted 18th December 2017
By Liam

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