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► One Point

Working together with staff from the NHS, we have created a unique service, One Point, to provide a one-stop shop for support, advice and a range of activities for children, young people and their families.

► What is One Point?

One Point supports the Government's aim for all agencies who work with children, young people and families and have a responsibility to work closely with you, to make sure that your child has the best possible chance to reach their full potential. Our service employs a number of different staff, who are trained and qualified to deal with your concerns and support you and your child(ren).

► How can One Point help you?

You can always raise any concerns with your GP, children’s centre, nursery, school or college. But, if you feel that there’s a continuing problem which means your child is not achieving as well as you would hope, then ask for our advice.

► Hubs

The One Point service is supported by ten hubs that are located across the county. Each of the One Point hubs have staff to help you with any concerns that fall within the following services

:► What does the service include?

Health visitors

Our health visitors provide a service to all families with children up to the age of five years with the first contact offered during late pregnancy. Families are offered health advice, immunisation, breastfeeding support and parenting skills if required.

School nurses

Our School Nursing team is there for all children and young people of school age and their families, whether or not they are attending school. They work with families on a range of issues such as children and young people’s mental health, help to stop smoking and promoting health eating and living.

Family workers

Our family workers give advice on childcare and can support children with play activities. They also have links with Jobcentre Plus and other training providers. Our Sure Start children’s centres support local communities. They offer advice on childcare, have links with Jobcentre Plus and other training providers, and also links with families information service, neighbourhood nurseries, out of school clubs and extended schools.

Education welfare

Education welfare officers support children, young people and families where school attendance becomes an issue. They will work with you and your child to tackle any problems that are getting in the way of your child achieving good school attendance and to make sure their education is not interrupted.

Behaviour support

Our behaviour support workers will help your child in school if they are facing difficulties or are displaying challenging behaviour that is stopping them from learning and enjoying school. They will work with you, your child and other services to prevent exclusions and make sure your child is getting the best from their education.


Many of our children feel that they may be victims of bullying and harassment. Our anti-bullying workers can offer support to those who feel that they may have been bullied and also to those that may be involved in bullying to help children address these behaviours.

CAMHS mental health work

Our primary mental health care workers work closely with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) by supporting children and families who may require help to make sure they are emotionally well and happy.

Educational psychology

When your child is not achieving their educational potential, our educational psychologists may be able to help. They can work with your child if they are experiencing learning difficulties and can help them to manage their behaviour.

Personal advice

Towards the end of schooling, personal advisers (formerly Connexions) can help you and your child understand the opportunities available to them. This includes information on such areas as careers, and further, higher, local and national sources of support, and lots of other useful information and contacts. More details on this can be found on the Help4Teens website.

Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP)

Our youth workers will continue planning and delivering Positive Activities for Young People and youth work programmes around County Durham – in youth centres, community buildings, school sites and through mobile and street based work with the aim that our teenagers can enjoy, achieve and realise their potential.

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Posted 7th January 2014
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