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Families can be a great support but sometimes we just seem to be falling out with them all of the time! Learning to understand people’s differences and being sympathetic to their problems or worries can also help them to understand you too. Sometimes you might need a bit of breathing space to speak to someone else so why not speak to a teacher or a friend.

► Families breaking up
Sometimes parents will argue and it might upset or worry you. Everyone argues and goes through bad patches. However, you might have found that your parents are going through a break up and have decided it is best to separate. You must always remember it is not your fault and can always speak to someone.

For more information:
Action for Children - Action for Children supports and speaks out for the UK's most vulnerable, disadvantaged and neglected children and young people.
It's Not Your Fault - help and advice for young people going through a family break up.
Relate - advice on relationships.
Family Mediation - advice on ways to resolve family issues.

► In Foster care/ Adopted

Sometimes your mum or dad, or other close relative may need to ask someone to look after you for a while. If you stay with someone who isnt a close relative for more than 28 days then this is called private fostering. The person you will be staying with is called a private foster carer. They may be a cousin, a neighbour or family friend. If you stay with a close relative like a grandparent, brother, sister, aunt or uncle then this isn't private fostering.

You may have questions about being fostered or adopted or might have just found out you were adopted. For more support please see some of the services below:

For more information:
Private Fostering - A guide for Young People
Helping Children in Care - 'The Who Cares? Trust' is a voice for children in care.
The Prince's Trust - The Prince's Trust is a youth charity that helps change young lives.
Coram - Coram can help to transform your life through practical help and support.
ChildLine - get help and advice about a wide range of issues.
NSPCC - the NSPCC protects children across the UK.

► Step Families

If you are having problems or have questions about living in a step family please visit ChildLine.

► Parenthood

For support for lone parents please visit GOV.UK where you can find out where your nearest Sure Start centre is.

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Posted 19th November 2015
By John McGagh

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